Turkish Lira is weak with its international influence

After the markets closed yesterday, the dollar / TL, which reached the level of 7.58 and saw the highest level of 2021, is trading in the band of 7.50-7.55 today. Although the expectation that the CBRT will increase interest rates in the coming months is getting stronger, there is a depreciation in TL in parallel with the increase in US bond yields

Turkish Lira is weak with its international influence

The dollar / TL, which rose throughout the week except Monday, climbed to the highest level of 7.58 in 2021 due to the increasing pressure on US bond yields. The sales pressure in markets that were not satisfied with Fed Chairman Powell's statements yesterday and the rising US 10-year bond yields were effective in the rise in USD / TL.

After 7.58 was seen, it stabilized at the level of USD / TL 7.50 yesterday at midnight. Exchange rate today is in the band of 7.50-7.55. The euro / TL, which rose above 9.08 after the market close yesterday but closed the day just above 9 lira, is trading at the levels of 8.98-8.99 today.

There is no outstanding data domestically except for Treasury cash realizations, which will be announced at 17:00.

The most important data of the week in the USA, non-farm employment figures will be announced. Last month, while employment increased by 49 thousand, the unemployment rate was announced as 6.3 percent (16.30). The estimates for this month are that there will be an increase of 210 thousand in non-agricultural employment and the unemployment rate will remain as 6.3 percent.

Other data for the US will be foreign trade (16.30), Baker Hughes drilling rigs (21.00) and consumer loans (23.00).

The most important data in Europe will be factory orders from Germany (10.00). There was an expectation that orders, which had decreased by 1.9 percent in the previous month, will increase by 0.5 percent.