Stellar (XLM) How Much?

Stellar (XLM) has attracted attention with its recent rise. The market value of XLM, which rose more than 60 percent to $ 0.59 during the week, is around $ 12 billion. So how much is XLM?

Stellar (XLM) How Much?

While the interest in crypto money has increased recently, in the past weeks, some crypto currencies are experiencing rapid increases due to the moves of the Reddit groups and the shares of Elon Musk. Stellar (XLM) is one of the most invested coins by crypto money investors.

Participating in the rally in the crypto money market, XLM rose 62 percent during the week, reaching $ 0.59. Monthly rise in Stellar surpassed 86 percent.

How much is XLM?

While the price of 1 XLM increased to 0.59 dollars, its TL equivalent was 4.1176 TL.

USD Coin on the Stellar network

USD Coin (USDC) is currently officially available on the Stellar network, according to a joint press release by Circle and Stellar Development Foundation.