America's "Turkish Trump" is entering the crypto money market

The $ 100 million portion of the $ 300 million new housing project to be implemented in California by Mükemmel Sarımsakçı, who announced his name as "Turkish Trump" with his real estate projects in the USA, will be offered to the public in exchange for crypto money

America's "Turkish Trump" is entering the crypto money market

Mükemmel Sarımsakçı, a Turkish businessperson who has made a name for himself with real estate projects in the USA, plans to open up to the crypto money market from Istanbul, where he is preparing to take a step, as well as new housing projects.

Sarımsakçı, who started his career by studying civil engineering in the USA where he came for university education 35 years ago and founded his own company Alterra Worldwide after his experience in different companies, today makes a name in the American real estate sector with the projects he has implemented.

Sarımsakçı, also known as "Turkish Trump" in the media, is working on a $ 130 million urban transformation project in Missouri and a $ 300 million new housing project in California, as well as a real estate-backed crypto money project.

Sarımsakçı, which plans to sell shares to investors from the new housing project in California with crypto money with its real estate-supported crypto money project, aims to open up to investors in Asia and the Middle East from Istanbul, which they have determined as the center of the project.

"I thought the United States would bring a lot of opportunities to people."
Alterra Worldwide Senior Manager (CEO) Sarımsakçı answered questions about his success story and new projects in the contracting and real estate sector in Dallas, Texas, where one of the prominent urban transformation projects is located.

Sarımsakçı, who was born in Ankara and grew up in Kastamonu until the age of 10, said that he studied high school in Istanbul Galatasaray High School.

Stating that the culture at Galatasaray High School and the water polo sport he played in the Galatasaray Club as licensed has an important place in his life, Sarımsakçı said that he decided to come to the USA while he was preparing to graduate from high school.

Garlicci said, "I thought the United States would bring a lot of opportunities to people. This decision was correct. Of course, then it was a great adventure for us. Most of our graduates would go to France if they went abroad. I was in the minority." said.

He started his career at one of the major construction companies in the USA
Explaining that he came to the USA in 1986, studied civil engineering at Colorado State University, completed his master's degree at Stanford University and completed the Real Estate Advanced Management Development Program at Harvard University and was elected to the Harvard Alumni Real Estate Board, Sarımsakçı, He stated that he started to work in Bechtel, one of the big construction companies of the USA.

At that time, Bechtel and Turkey in cooperating ENKA's founder, Sarik Tara through company stating that started his career as a civil engineer Sarımsakcı, which runs during the time Disney in Paris, Los Angeles Airport, involved in many projects such as water channels in Las Vegas and that they have won many awards.

Sarımsakçı said, "Then we started to do our own private business. My family is always made up of entrepreneurs who have done their own business. We saw him from his father, uncle and grandfather. I chose to be independent from the good and the bad." He spoke in the form.

Turned the crisis into an opportunity
Excellent Sarımsakcı, two years ago, he said public affairs in Turkey, along with his brother he lost, the United States and Turkey as well as Iraq, Niger, Russia, Kazakhstan, Georgia and projects in many countries of Azerbaijan, among them told me they did.

Stating that they are doing more real estate works in the USA, Sarımsakçı pointed out that one of the biggest and important projects is the residence and hotel restoration project in Dallas.

Stating that with the project in question, they turned the mortgage crisis in the USA in 2008 into an opportunity, Sarımsakçı said:

"This building is a building of about 60 thousand square meters. It has a garage of 20 thousand square meters. It has a residence with 235 flats and a hotel with 274 rooms. This is one of our big, important projects. It was a very complex project. We bought it in 2011. It is a long time to create its financial structure. It continued. Because at that time there was a crisis. We created a great credit opportunity from China. There was no money in the US at the time of the crisis. We made ourselves talk with the shopping we made during the crisis. We had other similar projects but this is the most important project we have done. This was an idle building for 20 years. We bought this idle building, we brought it back to life. We received a grant of about 30 million dollars from the American government. The municipality supported us a lot. It was a very bad place where there were always homeless people. we came, fixed it, then its surroundings began to evolve and change as it was. "

New housing project neighbor to Google and Facebook
Garlic Dealer is currently St. Missouri's St. He said that they are working on a 130 million dollar project in the city of St.Louis and that they will bring an old building to life here as well.

St. Emphasizing that the project in Louis is also very important for them, Sarımsakçı stated that the new headquarters of Square company, which was founded by Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey and provides mobile payment services, will be moved to the front of the said housing project.

Sarımsakçı said, "We will do a very nice project right in front of them. There will be restaurants and cafes under the building. It is perfect for the 1,200 white-collar workers they will bring." said.

Explaining that they are working on a large $ 300 million housing project in the city of San Jose, California state, in Silicon Valley, Sarımsakçı said that they will build a 24-storey building with 374 flats here, and this building will be adjacent to the new offices of Google and Facebook.

Will issue 100 million dollars worth of cryptocurrency based in Istanbul
Stating that they will issue 100 million dollars of crypto money within the scope of Tower 27 (T27) project in San Jose, Sarımsakçı noted that they determined the center of this project as Istanbul.

Garlicci continued as follows:
"An investor with a coin such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin or Dogecoin will be able to get shares from our project from the digital environment. In return, we will give coins and will have shares in their hands. In the USA, this has just started, there is no more in Europe. This is' real estate coin. investment 'call. we will have made sure the first in Europe we have. reason we chose Istanbul, she's thinking center would occur in the region. a huge strategic step for us. when we asked the investors shared in our next project we want to con. we started the talks, Turkey 'also it occurred have a team. We have a very good team, among them are former banker and financier our friends. We talked with coin exchange in Turkey. our hearts our turn removing the ring from its Turkish stock market. China, India, Russia, Eastern Europe, Africa, Far East We want to open up from Istanbul to investors in regions such as the Middle East. "

Said project 6 months after Sarımsakcı indicating that they aimed to implement, they made preparations in the United States and Turkey, said that they will receive the necessary permission from the authorities.

Sarımsakçı pointed out that blockchain technology will be used for this project and noted that the crypto money will be named "T27 Silicoin".

its plans to bring finished goods from Turkey
Excellent Sarımsakcı, touched upon the projects in Turkey, was reported to carry out a project for receiving foreign passports by selling issue in Turkey. Garlicci said that there is demand from China, India and Vietnam, but the Kovid-19 outbreak has stopped things.

Sarımsakcı projects in the United States indicating that they prefer Turkish products, said they wanted to bring finished goods from Turkey. Sarımsakcı, "Both are trying to take rebar from Turkey to deploy both for their own projects. We are working on this issue since 3 years. We are trying to make the infrastructure for a long time." he spoke.

He had been invited to Biden's oath
Lastly, Sarımsakçı, who drew attention in the Turkish media with the invitation of US President Joe Biden to the inauguration ceremony, said that he was in Istanbul at that time and could not attend the inauguration ceremony due to the scheduled meetings.

Sarımsakçı stated that they have participated in some of Donald Trump's activities before and stated that they have communication with both Democrats and Republicans since they work in different cities of the USA.

"More needs to grow the startup ecosystem in Turkey"
Sarımsakcı also discussed economic relations between Turkey and the United States, Turkey's very clever, young, dynamic and practical that it is a society, dashing among the young, brave and entrepreneurs, he said.

Sarımsakcı, "Turkey in the startup ecosystem should be formed to grow further. Artificial intelligence and software need to be given more importance." said.

Turkey was the most powerful as well as the subject of one contracting sector, emphasizing that Sarımsakcı, "it further enlargement of us and we need shaping. Already our geography very large and are successful, we need to spread. Billions of dollars have to work their ability. They will bring us a lot of money, I think . " He spoke in the form.